About Virtual Reality Patent
Process In Sanwakiko Co., Ltd., it will aim at contributing the product service of a totally new concept to the visitor in 2002. It is fields such as a building / medical care / IT / the circulation / the production corresponding to much industry. Particularly, in the field of building, the 3D Perth making service with the computer was adopted by those days, and that high 3D Perth image of the precision was provided in speedy was demanded from a visitor. However, it was the world of 2D of the printed newspaper from a computer. This was the thing that a thing in confirmation of the real size was difficult. Thus it paid its attention to virtual reality from an idea whether could not ensure real size on a computer. A patent of "the bodily sensation type virtual reality system" is filed in 2004. A patent of "the bodily sensation type virtual reality system" was acquired in 2006.
A virtual reality market As for the virtual reality patent that the companies acquire, the individual patent as against the technique holds most mainly, and there does not seem to be the thing that it may be said with the basic patent of the virtual reality system currently in each company. In late years animation processing was also enabled a difficult sensor technology and high-speed data communication by rapid technical progress till now, and a virtual reality technique was set. It is expected that the virtual reality market lengthens drastically by 2020. Consulting Company DIGI-CAPITAL announced that it was expected that the virtual reality market grew to 150 billion dollars by 2020.
About "bodily sensation type virtual reality space system" The points of this patent. Virtual reality space can change by the movement of the user. A 360 degrees panorama experience is possible between the virtual reality sky.